Whoa: This Guy Topped Sushi with Ramen, Bacon and Sriracha

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We aren’t sure if we’re impressed or slightly disgusted by The Vulgar Chef’s creation. Perhaps a little bit of both.

What do ramen, bacon, Sriracha sauce, and raw fish have in common? They all go together, of course! Or at least they do in The Vulgar Chef’s new recipe for Ramen Sushi rolled in bacon and topped with Sriracha sauce. Exactly how our forefathers intended sushi to be. The Daily Meal recently rounded up the craziest sushi rolls in America, including a Spam roll and a blowfish roll (fun fact: if you don’t cook blowfish correctly, it could kill you), but this one may top our list, and you can even make it yourself!

First, to make this wacky ramen roll, The Vulgar Chef (complete with his standard string of expletives), explained how he rolled scallops and kimchi with “sticky ramen” (basically what happens when you boil ramen down for a long time and add shredded cheese). Then he covered his creation in bacon and slathered on some basil and Sriracha sauce.

Color us impressed, and get the recipe to try yourself here.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi

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