Red Egg Chef Sam Yan is Bringing Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum to Midtown Manhattan

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Dim Sum Palace from chef Sam Yan will open in Hell’s Kitchen in March

A majority of the menu at Dim Sum Palace will be the same as that of Red Egg in Chinatown.

Sam Yan, chef-partner of Red Egg and Yeah Shanghai Deluxe in New York City’s Chinatown, is reportedly heading to Hell’s Kitchen for his next dim sum spot.

According to DNA Info, Yan’s upcoming Dim Sum Palace will set up shop on West 46th Street, and will serve the Hong Kong-style dim sum that Yan spent two years learning to make.

The menu will be “80 percent the same as at Red Egg,” and likely diverge somewhat from the more traditional selection at dim sum spots in Chinatown.

Though we rather doubt that Yan’s Dim Sum Palace will tempt anyone’s loyalty away from their dim sum staples in Chinatown (or Sunset Park or Flushing), it’s sure to be a contender for the affections of the Tao and Buddakan crowd.

The Jean Georges-trained chef told DNA Info that his shumai would be particularly good. "Everybody, all the dim sum places do shumai," said Yan. "I do the shumai more specially."



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